Lucy Brydon

IMG_20150419_192925I love to paint portraits/faces because there is always so much to see in them, expression and feeling. I love the challenge of it, trying different angles and poses and I never grow bored of trying a new face! I feel that also they are sometimes a bit of self expression even when the portrait isn’t an obvious self portrait but I feel that my feelings can come out through the person I am painting.

Artist Statement

Hi there! I am Lucy and I am an artist and art teacher living in the north east of Scotland. Part time I teach art to children aged 5-11 and love the wonder and excitement they have in the world and their enthusiasm in experimenting!

The reason why I create art is simple to answer, because I must! It is within me and has to get out. It’s like meditation for me, It calms and centers me.I can’t imagine life without art. I wonder what people do with their days when they don’t have art in them ( I know they have other things like hiking or playing guitar but for me its art!)

I have always created art of one way or another. For a long time I made jewellery and textiles/fibre arts but about 4 years ago I discovered my love of mixed media and was smitten! I love layers and texture. I love seeing them in nature, in crumbly walls and peeling paint on old buildings, in leaves on the ground and bark on trees, and I love making them in my art. I like the idea of hidden layers that have meaning to the final piece, doors that lead into hidden places… About a year ago I discovered gelli printing and that took my art to another level. In this art form I can create the layers and texture that I love, and a narrative to my work.Lately I have been combining my love of monoprinting with my love of collage, layering both and painting on top.

I am so honored and excited to be part of this course and can’t wait to see what everyone creates!

Where to find Lucy:

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