Deanna Strachan

Deanna2There is a story in every face, that is the draw for me.  What does this face say?  What has it experienced?  Starting with a sketch and watching it come to life in color is also amazing.

Artist Statement

Born and raised in Orange County, California, I learned to draw from my father and took every art class possible from grade school into college. My work in mental health and my life in San Luis Obispo have offered great exposure to a variety of artists who “do” art for a variety of reasons. Inspired by the people around me, their celebrations and their losses, art has provided an outlet for my own personal healing journey. Art allows me to remove myself from the logical and analytical side of my brain and into the side where my passions lie but are often suppressed. When a piece has turned out well for me, I feel satisfied. There is balance in both composition and color. Many of my pieces tend toward blues and greens and other soft hues. Occasionally, a loud piece in bright yellow and pink will surprisingly surface. Being someone with an internal clock, I seem to always know what time it is. Art helps me lose the sense of time and allows me to produce an image when there are no words for the experience or emotion. The words come later.

Where to find Deanna:

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