Ady Almanza

IMG_9384I love painting portraits, faces, I can not say it in words, but there is something magical about it, I feel alive when I am painting “my” goddesses: letting colors mingle in imaginative ways on my paper and daring to layer bold color from the start. I paint the spirit and soul on each face I create.


My name is Adriana Almanza-Beschle and I am an artist who loves to paint dolls.

I am a full time artist born in Mexico and am now living in Germany with my husband and my 15-year-old son. As a child I carried around a sketchbook everywhere with me drawing, doodling and creating my beautiful dolls. I was inspired to create my dolls after seeing the many Manga styled images I enjoyed as a child. Still today I am inspired to create from my childhood memories; many of which I am now re-living as I watch my son grow.

My beautiful dolls are recognizable by their bold and whimsical features and are loved by many on the internet and throughout social media websites. I have an artistic blog, facebook group, instagram and twitter accounts all with hundreds of followers enjoying my artwork as I create each and every day!

I have been creating my dolls since the age of 10 using any and all forms of products at my disposal. I use simple pencils and ball point pens along with everyday sharpie brand markers to the higher end products such as prismacolor pencils, acrylic paints and copic markers. Whatever the supplies used, the end result is a new, beautiful unique dollie that truly comes to life on the page!

My goal in creating each and every one of my dolls is to tell a story and I do this through her facial expressions; each and every one with big, beautiful, wide eyes outlined with hundreds of thick, black eyelashes. I am able to tell this story by simply creating a face alone but do often add a body and other accessories to further help tell her story. Demure shoulders, delicate hands and fingers with beautiful fancy dresses and heels to casual skirts and jeans with gym shoes and slippers! Each one is different yet has the same beautiful ability to express their emotions.

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