Below you will find the schedule of each week!  You will find the teachers that will be your creative guides each week, as well as, the FB LIVE times. 


Week 1 – May 7th

Lessons with Kiala Givehand and Jackie Barragan

Facebook Live Times

  • Kiala - May 10th at 10:00AM PT
  • Jackie - May 11th at 12:00PM PT

Week 2 – May 14th

Lessons with Jennifer Albin and Muriel Stegers

Facebook Live Times:

  • Jennifer - May 14th at 9:00AM PT
  • Muriel - May 16th at 11:30AM

Week 3 – May 21st

Lessons with Sara Burch and Tamara Laporte

Facebook Live Times:

  • Sara - May 23rd at 9:00AM PT
  • Tamara - May 23rd at 7:00AM PT

Week 4 - May 28th

Lessons with Lauren Rudolph and Jennifer Bonneteau

Facebook Live Times:

  • Lauren May 29th 7:30AM PT
  • Jennifer May 30th 12:00PM PT

Week 5 - June 4th

Lessons with Tiare Smith and Denise Braun

Facebook Live Times:

  • Denise June 5th at 4PM PT
  • Tiare June 6th 11am PT

Week 6 - June 11th

Lessons with Kara Bullock and Ivy Newport

Facebook Live Times:

  • Kara June 11th at 11:00 PT
  • Ivy June 12th at 10:30 PT