TAOS Copyright Guidelines


People often have questions when it comes to the artwork and videos created for online courses. Below I have listed and responded to the most common questions I have had. If you have further questions after reading through this document, please contact me at karabullockart@gmail.com.


Question: Am I allowed to sell the work or prints made of the artwork that I have created in your course?


Answer:  If your artwork looks exactly like, or very similar to mine, I AM comfortable with you selling the original painting.


If your artwork that you created was inspired by my lesson, but does not look like my piece, you are able to sell it and make any prints or other items from the artwork. Go hog wild!


**If you are inquiring about selling a piece created during one of the guest artists’ lessons, please contact that artist for their response.


Question: I really enjoyed your process and would like to create a video sharing the same technique. Am I allowed to do this?


Answer:   If the video that you create is sharing the same process, with the same reference photo, etc. and it is exactly like the one that I created in my classroom, then I am not comfortable with you filming that. If you are taking a technique and creating something new on your own, then I am comfortable with that.


If you are unsure at all, about anything, please contact me and I am happy to take a look and discuss. Please contact me at karabullockart@gmail.com