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  • Course Opens January 4, 2021
  • Collaborate with 27 INSTRUCTORS for 50 WEEKS
  • 50 Weeks of Lessons and Inspiration
  • Lifetime Access/Downloadable Content
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Course Price – $149
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Lifetime Access - Download ALL Content

Cost - $149

Hello Wonderful Creatives!!!!


LET'S FACE IT is back for it's sixth year!!  I cannot believe that we are moving forward with another amazing year of inspiration from many of your FAVORITE ARTISTS!  For LET’S FACE IT 2021, I have a whole new group of unbelievably talented artists that are excited to share their own style and expertise with you as you continue on this journey of portrait and figurative art!!  



  • A year-long academic course that is devoted to studying portraits and figures. 
  • 27+ artists sharing their knowledge and expertise on portraiture and figurative art
  • Geared toward all levels - beginning, intermediate and advance artists
  • Focus is on all ages, males and females.
  • Academic areas of study include but not limited to:
    • Understanding proportions
    • Various portrait angles and poses
    • Composition
    • Color theory and value
    • Finding a likeness in your own work
    • Loosening up in both your dry and wet mediums
    • so much more!!


Portrait and figurative artwork can be quite daunting, but I have carefully selected artists to share what they know with each of you!

Can I Get My Botox On Amazon? 60 x 48

(Artwork in image is just an example of the artists' work, but not the exact lesson for the course.  Artists from Left to Right:  Caren Ginsberg, Robert Kelley, Deb Weiers, Lara Provost, and Cindy Press)

In 2021 we will focus on a year of different forms of inspiration.....

LET'S FACE IT will continue to be a progressive course as usual!  We love to build on each year!  In 2021, we will be focusing on different forms of inspiration!  So, that means that we will have lessons that focus on the same type of inspiration (i.e., music, books, etc.) for a period of time.  We will also have a different angle or pose each week to keep you learning and interested!  In 2021, we will have modules focusing on the following:


  • Book/Story/Novel
  • Photograph
  • Music/Band
  • Other Artists
  • Nature
  • Any person


While some of these lessons might be inspired by something other than people, all of the lessons will be of a portrait or figure.


(Artwork in image is just an example of the artists' work, but not the exact lesson for the course.  Artists from Left to Right:  Martin Campos, Meg Yates, Daniel Segrove, Roselyn Pratt, and Jerney Marisha)

Here is a breakdown of how a section in LFI2021 will run:


Course Section on PhotographExample Only

Week 14 - Mini Lesson - Front Face
Week 15 – Main Lesson - 3/4 Face
Week 16 – Mini Lesson - Profile
Week 17 – Main Lesson - Waist Up
Week 18 – Mini Lesson  - Sitting

Week 19 - Main Lesson - Standing


You can see that each week has a different focus for the subject.  The portrait angle or figurative pose will vary from week to week!  We are excited for you to also have the chance to find inspiration from different items for a period of time.  The idea is to find a variety of ways to be inspired.  However, you can always use whatever photograph or article of inspiration that you want for each lesson.


(Artwork in image is just an example of the artists' work, but not the exact lesson for the course.  Artists from Left to Right:  Natalie Eslick, Kellye Fowlkes, Jenny Manno, Juna Biagioni, and Angela Kennedy)




The past three years of LFI we have done ATC (artist trading card) swaps with classmates involved in LET'S FACE IT.  In 2021, instead of doing an ATC swap, we will be having TWO PORTRAIT SWAPS!!!  I am just thrilled about this!  Anyone can join, and you will be paired up with another student in class. 


This year we will be offering 35 free memberships, and five scholarships.   Lastly, during the final week of class, participating instructors will offer give aways of their artwork and online classes!  You won't want to miss out on all of these opportunities!


We are proud to share our RESOURCE LIBRARY with all of our students.  We have a FREE curated library of photos from yours truly!  We also have a library of FREE lessons that are only available to our network subscribers.


Connect with other creatives TODAY in our private Facebook Artist Community!  It is full of inspiration, support and encouragement....what every artist needs!  Silence your inner critic with the support of other artists!  You will also be able to join our PRIVATE Let's Face It 2021 group!!


Lifetime Access - Download ALL Content

Cost - $149

Dear Queen copy

(Artwork in image is just an example of the artists' work, but not the exact lesson for the course.  Artist from left to right:  Maria Pace-Wynters, Tiare Smith, Tracy Verdugo, and Taylor Restivo)


So, who will be your creative guides this year in 2021!?  I cannot wait to introduce this amazing team to you!


Here is YOUR 2021 team...

Meet the Creator, Owner and Hostess of LETS FACE IT



Kara Bullock is the founder of Kara Bullock Art Inc.  She is the sole creator of Let's Face It and began offering it as a course on her website in 2016.  Since that time over 7500+ students have signed up for classes through her online art school. 

Kara is a self-taught artist and began her own art career in 2013.  She has been in the field of education for 20 years.  Given her extensive background on student needs and the learning environment, she truly understands just how important the in-person and online experience is to the student.  No matter where you are on your journey, Kara's classes provide a safe environment for all learners and all levels.  She is also an expert in curriculum development and collaborates with all of her instructors as they create their content for you, the learner!  You can rest assured, that your creative and learning needs will be met in our classes!

Can you believe this awesome line-up!??!  Pinch yourself because this is for real!!!



(Artwork in image is just an example of the artists' work, but not the exact lesson for the course.  Artists from Left to Right: Tiffany Nicole, Victoria Koursaros, Kasey Moran, and Christa Forrest)

So, what is included with this course?


  • 50 weeks of amazing stuff! Each week you will receive a BRAND NEW lesson that has never been seen before!  While these lessons are all new, some of the techniques might be ones that you are familiar with.  Some of the lessons will be full-length videos from the instructors that walk you step-by-step through their creative process in creating faces/portraits. Other lessons will be mini lessons,  that share special tips and strategies to use as you are creating. Typically we will be rotating between a full-length and a mini lesson. This way you will have about two weeks in between the longer lessons.
  • 50+ lessons from your guest teachers
  • 25 PDF eBooks to go along with the main lessons.  These will be printable and you can use them to follow along with the lessons.
  • A FREE copyright free library curated by yours truly
  • 2 Portrait Swaps
  • Artist Give Aways
  • 39 Free Memberships to the class that you can win!!!
  • LIVE Face Time with Yours Truly!!
  • Suggested supply list
  • Downloadable content that you can keep forever, including the videos!!  All videos will be downloadable!  Whoo Hoo!!!
  • Lifetime access to your course on my site - as long as I am alive.
  • A Facebook group dedicated to those of you taking the course and your teachers!
  • Personal time with me.  I will have specific times each week that I am available in the Facebook group.  These will be somewhat like office hours.  Yay!
  • A classroom to call your own on my WordPress website


Lifetime Access - Download ALL Content

Cost - $149


(Artwork in image is just an example of the artists' work, but not the exact lesson for the course.  Artists from Left to Right:  Danielle Mack, Sherry Woodward, Renee Mueller, and Kara Bullock)


**Upon purchasing your course, you will be asked to create an account.  If you have already created an account, after purchase your course will IMMEDIATELY be available under “My Classroom” at the top right-hand of karabullockart.com.  You can also always find your classes here: https://karabullockart.com/my-courses/

**If your course does not show up, please email us at karabullockart@gmail.com

**Due to the nature of the immediate availability of the course, all purchases are nonrefundable.

9 reviews for LET’S FACE IT 2021

  1. Robin Donovan (verified owner)

    Kara Bullock is extremely careful in choosing instructors that offer quality, best practices and years experience in order to help students create and put their own spin on their projects. The classes
    are easy to follow and afford students the opportunity to gain confidence by repeating exercises. Kara has created a fantastic and supportive artist community. You are never alone!??

  2. Rosie (verified owner)

    Excellent teachers and a variety of art supplies used kept each class interesting for me.

  3. Renee Zarate (verified owner)

    This was my first year to sign up with LFI2021 and I was delighted with all the classes I received. There’s something here for everyone and I appreciated that I could pick and choose when I wanted to participate. I learned so much in a very supportive environment and learned so many new techniques. The classes took my art work to a higher level that I’m very pleased with. I plan on signing up for 2022 when it becomes available.

  4. mermaidgenie

    I have taken LFI since its inception and my portrait and general art skills have improved so much as a result!! I love the variety of mediums and teachers and the Facebook group has been sooo supportive and helpful. I can’t recommend it highly enough. SOOOOOOO worth every penny!!!!! You will not be disappointed. When you consider what even one art class costs at an art store, this adds up to a bit more than $2 a lesson!!! You can’t go wrong. Since each lesson is independent you can skip weeks, do what appeals to you, and return to past lessons as you wish . I will sign up next year again too.

  5. Karen Lamb (verified owner)

    I could hardly wait each week to see what new and exciting artwork I could create with Let’s Face It’s artist’s! Each class was unique, well presented and the inspiration was just incredible! So many techniques just totally left me “blown away” wondering how they were even thought up! I feel like I “found my style” through bits and pieces of this course! Many thanks to Kara and her artists for a creative year to remember!

  6. Jennifer Sawyer (verified owner)

    I have been doing Let’s Face It since 2017 and it has helped me reconnect with my love of drawing (in particular) and given me the tools to try other mediums. The range of teachers is sensational, and the instruction is first class. It is extremely good value, and Kara has assembled the best teachers with the most interesting lessons possible. Suitable for all levels, you will not be disappointed. 5 stars*****

  7. Manos Felice (verified owner)

    I must say I was overwhelmed prior to joining ‘Let’s Face It 2021’ as I had found numerous courses that I wanted to undertake. However, I was so pleased that I did sign up and still can’t quite believe the incredible value that one receives… there’s so many great artists involved, you can choose when it suits your timetable and it’s even possible to create in your medium of choice. I’m still going through the many courses that I chose to download… there seems to endless possibilities and Kara is a gem, well worth the investment plus a lovely bunch of encouraging students.

  8. Libbi Corson

    I have been doing LFI since 2017 (it’s second year) with the one goal of being able to draw/paint my grandkids with some amount of true resemblance. And through the lessons of some of the best instructors out there I can humbly say that I can do that. Kara chooses the best of the best. I go back to so many of the past lessons as they are always available to me. Let’s Face It is always the best art purchase that I can make!

  9. Cathy Davies (verified owner)

    Lets Face it is an amazing year long portrait and figurative course, hosted and taught by Kara Bullock and other talented artists with varied styles, techniques and approaches to painting or drawing the face or figure in a variety of media.  There is something for everyone, whether you are a new or seasoned artist, it pushes you outside of your comfort zone and inspires you to create your own unique works of art.  There is a facebook group where you can share and enjoy the artworks of other members of the group, which helps to create a unique, inspirational and supportive community, where you can make friends and connect with other likeminded people. Whether you’re new to painting or an experienced artist, with a new lesson each week, it helps you create a regular practice which helps improve your knowledge, skills and ability, and if, for some reason, life just gets in the way and you miss a week, with lifetime access you can return at your leisure.  Over the past 12 months these lessons have encouraged me to use media and techniques I wouldn’t have done on my own. This has expanded my skill set and freedom with my practice which I will take forward and use again in the future.  I’ve already signed up for 2022 and look forward to another inspiring 12 months.

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