Due to high demand, Robert has added a SECOND workshop in August! In this two-day academic portrait class, Robert Kelley will share his approach and thought process as he creates his charcoal portraits.  He will share techniques along with technical issues that you may run into when working with charcoal!  Class size is limited due to the one-on-one approach that Robert uses with his students.  If you are ready to be pushed to the next level in your art, Robert is the teacher to help you get there!  This is one class you do NOT want to miss!  Space is very limited and is expected to SELL OUT!  Learn more in description below!

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I am thrilled to announce that due to high demand, Robert Kelley has added a SECOND workshop in August!!  His class was beyond amazing, so much so, that the students want to work with Robert AGAIN!!!  In this ACADEMIC CLASS, Robert will not only be teaching his techniques to drawing a charcoal portrait, but he will also share some of the basic fundamentals that one needs to understand in order to create an amazing portrait!  This class will focus on fundamentals, design, technique and so much more!  Being that the individual student is Robert's main focus, Robert gives ALL of his students a solid amount of ONE-ON-ONE time!  If you are ready to move to the next level in your artwork, no matter if you are a beginner or advance artist, Robert is the teacher to get you there!

Registration Open!  Space Limited to 12!



August 25-26, 2018

COST:  $329

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Class Schedule:

Friday Evening

  • 5:00 - 7:00
    • Meet and greet
    • Come and meet Robert, and learn more about where he has been, and where he is now on his own creative journey!

Saturday, Day 1

  • 9:00 – 4:00
    • Robert will begin the day with demo and teaching the students about fundamentals of drawing a face/portrait.  It doesn't matter if you are beginning, intermediate or advanced!  What Robert has to share will inform all artists, and help each individual to improve in his/her portrait drawing skills.  Students will spend most of the day working on their own assignments, while Robert walks the room to meet and guide each individual wherever he/she is in the process.  Robert will provide one-on-one throughout the entire day, with each individual being his main focus.

Sunday, Day 2

  • 9:00 - 4:00

    • Robert will demo/share his thought process on artwork and design.  Anyone can draw an amazing portrait, but the design is what will capture the audience.  Robert will guide students as they work on the design of their own pieces.  Also, he will continue to discuss techniques and technical issues.  Students will have plenty of time to apply what they are learning while Robert offers guidance.  Robert will provide one-on-one throughout the entire day, with each individual being his main focus.

***Coffee and water provided

***Lunch will be on your own.  You can bring or buy.  Plenty of yummy eateries within walking distance.

Registration Open!  Space Limited to 12!



August 25-26, 2018

COST:  $329

Important Information:


***Bristol, and Drawing Paper included in price of class.  If you would like to use some newsprint from Kara, you can purchase for a few dollars at class.

***Robert will also have some specialty charcoals to share with students.


Workshop Location:

Kara Bullock Art Studio, 145 W. Main St. Suite 110 Tustin, CA 92780



Airport Information and Other Hotel Accommodations Nearby:

  • You will fly into John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California
  • Hotels within ten minutes include:
  • Embassy Suites has a shuttle service that runs from 5am to 11pm.  All three hotels offer complimentary breakfast.  Transportation is not included at Best Western or Country Inn, but Uber and/or Lyft are affordable and used regularly.


Workshop Policies: Due to limited class size, payment is non-refundable, but may transferable, keep reading. If you purchase a workshop and are unable to attend, AND if there is a wait list for the course, we will put you in contact with the first person on the wait list for the workshop. If that person agrees, he/she can pay you for your spot in the course. Once that transaction is completed, we will substitute that person for your spot in the course. If you are unable to attend the workshop, and the workshop has not sold out with a wait list, we will not be able to refund your purchase.


Cancellations: If the event does not reach the minimum number of participants, workshop may be cancelled. In the very rare event of an emergency or unavoidable natural disaster or act of God, the class may be cancelled. If this is to happen, all purchased workshops will be reimbursed to students in full. If you are interested in a workshop that has sold out, please email Kara at  We will put you on a wait list and inform you if a space in the workshop opens.


Contact Questions?  Email us at  We will respond within 24 hours.


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