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When I made the decision to move forward with a business in art, I had no idea all that would go into making it happen. Getting started wasn’t the hard part. I quickly built a website with the help of my friend Brandon Dove and various online tutorials.  Before I knew it, my business was off the ground and running! However, what I found was that as my business grew, there were things that I needed to change or do differently. The BEST news was that I learned that WordPress can grow with you and your business!  In CREATE A WEBSITE Brandon and I will you guide you as you create your own professional website to successfully run your business using WordPress!

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Are You Ready to Build Your Own Professional Website?

Then CREATE A WEBSITE is for you!

CREATE A WEBSITE is a six-week online course for hard-working creatives that are ready to build a website and take their business to the next level.


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Hello Creative Entrepreneurs!

Building a professional website takes vision, persistence, and a desire to work hard to get the job done!   We realize that this can be challenging to do on your own. Over the past two years, Brandon and I have collaborated closely to create a professional website to meet the unique needs of my creative business. I have learned a lot and want to make your own journey much easier! Let Brandon and I, be your guides, as you take this next step in your own creative journey as you create your own professional website to better share your gifts with the world. The best part is that you can do it ALL ON YOUR OWN!

CREATE A WEBSITE will give you the tools that you need to get your website up and running so that you can start benefiting from your hard work.

Kara and Brandon

Meet Your Creative Guides

Kara Bullock


My professional career started as an elementary school teacher in 1999. In 2008, I began transitioning into a full-time, online college instructor.  I had no clue that this career was helping to prepare me for my future, online creative business!  I taught for seven different online schools, that used many different platforms and learning management systems for their websites. I gained a lot of knowledge about websites during this time! When I decided to take the leap and begin teaching art online in 2014, I knew just how important my website would be to my customers and clients. In this course, I will be sharing with you everything that I learned from my own personal journey!

Brandon Dove


Brandon is the co-founder of Pixel Jar and the lead developer of their commercial plugin AdSanity.  He is the current co-leader of the OC WordPress Developer meetup, and former organizer for WordCamp Orange County.   Brandon has been an active member of the WordPress Coummunity team, and was recently deputized to help bring more WordCamps, to more places, for more people.  Pixel Jar has focused on WordPress since 2009 and it is considered one of the premier WordPress shops in Orange County.  Over the past several years, they have built WordPress sites for clients such as the Dallas Mavericks, Marie Forleo, and Krochet Kids.

Together, Brandon and I will be narrating my own personal story of where I started with my professional website, and where we have taken it in the last two years.  We will share with you the hiccups you could potentially face and what we have found works best for a creative business.  While I have learned so much during the last two years, much of what I want for my site comes from my own experience as an online educator.  From my many years of experience of working with thousands of students, in various platforms, I knew that my website needed to be:


Your website is the  first place that many of your customers will land when wanting to learn more about who you are and what your business is about!  What better way to do that then to use beautiful pictures with a color scheme to match!  I know from my own experience that when I enter a well-designed website, I want to stay!  THAT is exactly what I WANT for my customers!



Learning how to design a website can be very complicated.  In the past it involved understanding a lot of coding, also known as HTML.  Most business owners don't have the time to learn this language, so they will hire someone to create their website for them!  I am here to tell you that there are programs now available to you that will allow you to completely customize your site all on your own!  Yes, you heard me!  ALL ON YOUR OWN and NO CODING!  You can choose whatever suits your business best from fonts, to color, to pictures, etc.  You name it, it is possible and all from your own hands!



I am not sure about you, but I can't stand a website that is a challenge to navigate, nor do I like a site that feel overwhelming when I arrive!  These are two areas that I have become an expert in due to my experience as an educator!  I want two things for my site:  EASY NAVIGATION and a CLEAN LOOK.  You can have all of this and more with WordPress as your platform.  As with anything, there will be a learning curve.  However, Brandon and I have put together some amazing tutorials that will be available to you for life.  You can always come back and find the information you need to guide you as your business grows!



Integrating your website and business with eCommerce can get tricky!  Brandon will be teaching us about the different options available, and why he suggested what he did for my own business.  What I love most about how the integration on my website works is that immediately upon purchasing an item, students have access.  I no longer have to email out passwords to my students prior to a course start.  Yay!



When I first began selling my online courses, I would create a single password for the course.  Upon purchasing the course, you would receive the password.  Well, I ran into several issues with the one password per course that I needed to come up with a new system.  With WordPress you can create accounts for your members!  With a membership program in place, your customers will have an account, with one password, and all of their classes/products will be stored in that account.  No longer will you have to worry about refunds and emails about forgotten passwords!  ONE PASSWORD and NO THIRD PARTIES!! 


Who is this course for?


Whether you are interested in showcasing your artwork, offering online courses, or sharing a weekly blog, CREATE will help you:

  • Understand
  • Create a beautiful, fully-customized website with easy navigation
  • Define your business vision and prioritize your time
  • Create a blog and learn how to share it on social media
  • Build content for and organize courses for your students
  • Design a classroom that works for all learners
  • Communicate easily with your customers follow-ups for customers
  • Create products that sell
  • And so much more!

Why WordPress?   WordPress is truly the most customizable platform and the ONLY platform that can grow with you and your business where ANYTHING is possible!



All Videos Downloadable– Lifetime Access



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Brandon and I will slowly walk you through what it takes to create a website on WordPress, following these five points, to successfully run your business!  We have broken the course down into SIX weeks because we realize that this is A LOT of information to take in, and we WANT you to feel confident in what you are doing!  Let's take a look at how this course is broken down!


Week 1 will familiarize you with!  We will cover how to:

  • use the dashboard
  • create a beautiful blog
  • manage your media
  • moderate comments
  • theme and design basics
  • adding plugins
  • user management
  • settings and more!

Week 2 will be all about creating a site that shows who you are!!  During Week 2 you will be guided through how to customize your own site.  To create a website that suits your personality and business, you no longer need to use HTML coding.  Now drag and drop systems like the ones available in Beaver Builder are available that make it easy for you to create exactly what you want!  The sky is truly the limit!  We will walk you through the theme and page builder that we use for my site, how it functions, and how we use it to create my front page, online courses, and products.  Brandon will also share other options that are available to you.


During Week 3, I will go into depth on how I build an online course.  I will show you different ways to set up your course so that they make sense your viewers.  We will discuss ways to create beautiful images to showcase your work, how to ensure that your content flows, and how to add multiple lessons in a way that is not overwhelming to your audience.  As an educator, I have worked with students with a variety of needs.  I have learned how to keep this in mind as I create my own, online courses.  The key is to guide your viewers without overwhelming them!  I have found an easy way to not overload the students with too much at one time, and how to make course content easy to find, no matter where you are in the course.  There really is an art to this!


In Week 4, Brandon will teach you how to use Memberpress.  You will learn more about:

  • Creating a class using Memberpress
  • Where classes are stored
  • How customers find courses
  • Protecting your content with rules
  • How to create coupons
  • Settings to use when creating courses and other products

WooCommerce is a wonderful tool to help you create and sell your products!  Brandon will show you how to set up WooCommerce and explain how you can use both PayPal and Stripe to sell your products.  I will show you how I set up my own products page, and how to create product descriptions that are too good to resist.  There are key components that should always be included in your descriptions and I will share those secrets with you!

Along with creating products and showing you how to sell them on your site, you will discover how easy it can be to communicate with your students about their purchases, especially their courses.


Week 6 will focus on communication!  Communicating with your customers is so important, and it might just be the one thing that keeps your customers coming back time and time again!  This week we will learn more about:

  • Using MemberPress Connection
  • Integrating Mailchimp
  • Using Mailchimp to create beautiful newsletters for your customers
  • Creating newsletter templates to be more efficient with your time
  • Scheduling newsletters
  • and more!!

Are You Ready for the Next Step in Your Creative Journey?

Brandon and I are prepared to help you!  Building a website can be challenging and time-consuming.  It is hard work, but with our weekly sessions, that offer step-by-step help, you will have your beautiful website up and ready to run your business in no time! 

By the end of this course, you will be able to:


Create an aesthetically pleasing website using WordPress

Develop a business plan and put it into action.

Begin a blog and acquire followers.

Build a classroom and course content that works for all learning styles.

Communicate and follow-up with customers about present and future transactions.

Create a membership program using one password for ALL courses!


All Videos Downloadable– Lifetime Access



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GREAT NEWS!  CREATE AN ONLINE CLASS will also open back up in August and run during the six weeks with CREATE A WEBSITE!


  • CREATE AN ONLINE CLASS – Registration is Open!

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Purchase both courses together and receive $20 off of CREATE AN ONLINE CLASS.

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HOW MUCH DOES WORDPRESS COST? is free, but you will have to pay for your domain and hosting.  Brandon will cover options for hosts and why we chose the one that we did for my business.


WordPress has an amazing platform!  The best part about WordPress is that there are numerous amounts of plugins, both free and paid for, that can help you to create EXACTLY what you want to run your business.  We will be covering a variety of plugins that I use for my business.  In this course, we will cover in-depth the following programs:

  • Beaver Builder Plugin and Theme
  • Beaver Themer
  • Woocommerce
  • MemberPress
  • Mailchimp


No you do not!  These are the options that we chose, and we share why in the course.  Brandon will give you other options that you may want to choose from to run your own business.

**Upon purchasing your course, you will be asked to create an account.  These classes will be dropped into your account and available to you on April 25th.  We do not offer refunds on our courses once they are purchased.  You can also always find your classes here: 


  1. conniekfoster

    Years ago I designed websites for businesses using html coding and javascript so it was pretty old school and I was in serious need of some updated knowledge so when I saw this course offered, I knew I was in. I wasn’t really sure what to expect and hoped it wasn’t as boring as some of the other computer classes I had taken using formulas and language I had to learn before I could even understand what I was doing. To my delight it was nothing like I could have ever imagined!

    This course taught me how to use WordPress to not only build my website to look as I wanted it to, but also to function better than programming code as I used to do. Kara and Brandon held my hand the entire process, answering questions and helping me to understand when I was unsure. My favorite part of the entire course is how organized all the classes are and so easy to understand. I am more of a visual student so the videos showing things was much easier for me to grasp than reading or listening.

    I must say that treating myself to this course was one of the greatest gifts I could have received and it will be for anyone else wanting to set up their own site for whatever their reason. Kara and Brandon are great teachers who genuinely care about their students and I highly recommend this class to everyone! And, no, I am not paid by anyone to say these things 🙂

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