Susan Morrison

I am more than happy to say that Kara’s online courses have been a most valuable motivating and vital channel to my growing as an artist.

I have dabbled in creative stuff most of my life, but never had the courage to call myself an artist as the practice was too sporadic or hidden from the world. Since taking part in most of Kara’s online courses from 2017, I have developed more of an artist identity, gaining more confidence. This is in part due to the practice of weekly lessons and being cheered on along the way by such a beautifully caring and supportive network of other online like- minded artists. I am much more devoted to my art practice because of this. I thoroughly enjoy the mutual sharing online of completed art and encouragement that goes along with it. All this is so important to my artistic journey over the last 2 or so years.

I appreciate Kara’s teaching experience and how that is evident in her classes, producing art that is not only enjoyable but at a level I find I have room for developing further and keeps me stretched. I also appreciate Kara’s transparency and realness in her art processes throughout the classes she takes. I thoroughly enjoyed taking the classes ‘Geisha’ and ‘Charcoal Like Mad’.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative courses I have taken, ‘Let’s Face It 2017, 2018’ and am now currently doing ‘Let’s Face It 2019.’ It is so delightful to have various instructors with their various styles and different media portrayed. It keeps my art journey varied, interesting and richer for the knowledge shared. This provides a platform that sustains my creativity often as I continue to develop my own style, always exploring, always learning.