Sarah Turner

I have taken most of the classes offered on the Kara’s website, beginning with Let’s Face It 2016. That was actually the very first online art class I ever did. From that very first experience to now, I have learned and grown so much in my art. I’ve learned about the importance of value and how to draw a face more realistically. I have seen so much growth in my art with the help of Kara’s courses, it’s truly been an amazing experience. The community of people are so encouraging and supportive it’s given me the confidence to share my art and not be afraid.

One of the things that is different about Kara’s classes compared to other’s is the amount of attention that is devoted to learning how to draw and/or paint a face. I really appreciate this because I always try to choose online classes that include this and there are very few out there who offer this and offer it so completely!

Thank you for offering such great content, Kara.