Marjolijn van Wijk

I have taken a lot of classes hosted by Kara. I have taken LFI 2016 Kara only, LFI 2017,2018 and 2019. All the different teachers and different materials gave me a huge boost in my way of drawing and painting. The greatest gift of all is to combine the different techniques. What I like about Kara is that she shares all of her knowledge and she is a great source of inspiration. It is also very good to see how Kara has developed her own style the last couple of years. That is also an inspiration to continue and to see that practice makes progress. My own most important success is that Kara gave me the inspiration and courage to paint on my quilts. Quilting was my number one hobby and I am so happy I can combine that with painting portraits. Thanks Kara, you feel like a true friend!