Louise Thorpe

What have I learned from Kara’s online classes? Quite simply, I learnt how to paint! After a lifetime of design and drawing, I finally lost my fear of picking up a brush and began to paint. Not just to paint, but to have a toolbox of mediums, techniques, styles and tricks of the trade. Delving into mediums including acrylics, oils, mixed media and charcoal.

I started LFI in February 2017. This July (2019) I am having my first, solo exhibition. Who would have believed it?

Along this journey I have enjoyed the support and encouragement of both teachers and participants. I just wish some of them lived nearby as I feel I have made real friendships. The access to the super talented, but approachable, teachers from around the globe is quite amazing. Kara herself is the perfect teacher and mentor. Take the course..it may change your life.