Jennifer Bonneteau

Hello!  My name is Jennifer Bonneteau and I am an artist, art instructor, and expressive arts wellness facilitator.  I met Kara Bullock through our online art community and had the privilege of collaborating with her on my first online painting course, Freeing Your Inner Frida.  It was an honor and a blessing to create my first online course (which has been quite successful) 😉 with Kara.  Throughout the course development process, Kara provided the perfect balance of vision, organization, creativity, professionalism, collaboration and autonomy.  Kara and I discussed ideas for the creative concept, artistic techniques and overall course structure together.  Once we had plan for the course, Kara provided me with a schedule of the course criteria and promotional deadlines as planned, which was super helpful! Kara was very supportive and provided answers whenever I had questions throughout the entire process. I honestly don’t know if I would have ever taken the leap to create my own course without Kara’s expertise, assistance and abundant encouragement.  I look forward to many more collaborations with Kara in the future!