Cheryl Stiefvater

This is my third year in Let’s Face It and I continue to love it. Kara was the first online courses I found. Prior to taking the first few courses, I tried painting but always felt like I had no potential, I had no talent. Those first two courses gave me the courage to try more – I am now addicted to online courses. I love to learn. I love to see and learn from different artists and I have grown so much! Painting still challenges me, but every once in a while I create something that makes my heart sing. It is often inspired by Kara’s classes. Her school’s classes, offer clear instruction, from a variety of incredibly talented teachers, and most of all Kara inspires me! Kara has taken all of us on her journey as an artist. I have watched her grow as an artist. I have also been privy to her challenges as an artist and I look at her and I know that I can do this too. A couple of weeks ago I realized art is my craft, it is my passion, it is what makes my heart sing. Kara did that for me. Kara created an open and caring community that supports the continuous process of becoming an artist. I am an artist. That is Kara’s gift to me.