If you love Let's Face it, and all of the dreamy PDFs that you can print out week to week, then you are going to LOVE our ALL NEW Let's Face It 2024 eBook!  This eBook is like your old, week to week PDFs, revamped!  This PDF is fully customized so that the look and feel from week to week is cohesive!  You will now know exactly where to find your images, where to find your supplies, and your step-by-step instructions with full page color pictures!



Choose from these Three Options


Option 1:  You can join our Exclusive eBook Event on January 23rd!  With this option you will get to be a part of a very special live event the week class opens, download the digital copy, AND get a FREE printed version of the eBook.  This option is $40 plus the cost of shipping on the FREE book.  Shipping will be calculated based on shipping address and will show at check out.  This option is currently sold out, but you can still join the wait list below.  If more printed copies become available, students on the wait list will be the first to know.

Option 2:  Purchase and download the full eBook now.  Upon purchase this will be available in your downloads under My Account.

Option 3:  Download the PDFs week to week for FREE. This option is FREE, but you will not be able to view these lessons ahead of time!  You will be able to view the PDFs one week at a time!

Please take note, you must be a member of the class in order to purchase the digital eBook, or join the Exclusive eBook Event.  There are also limited seats at the Exclusive Event!  So don't think too long about it!




By joining the Exclusive eBook Event, you will get access to a day full of LIVE EVENTS the week class opens to celebrate the hard work that went into creating this course AND the ALL NEW eBOOK.  The best part is that you get a FREE printed version of the eBook delivered to your home!  You just have to cover the shipping! 

Upon payment, you will receive immediate access to the digital download.  You can access this version anywhere, at anytime!  Just have your computer, phone or tablet handy, and you can access your digital version!  Keep up with class, even on the go, with this option.

Within 7-10 days of our order being received, your FREE printed PDF will be shipped to you!  This version will have full page, color images, to help you complete all of your weekly lessons!  Organize these pages into a binder!  You can take the pages out as you work on lessons and then reinsert when done using them. 

The only thing you will need to do is pay for the event, the shipping on your printed version, and get your binder!  Once your printed copy arrives, add it to the binder.  Customize your binder with dividers, pages to add notes, and more!  We will do this together in January during our EXCLUSIVE eBOOK EVENT where I will show you how I have organized mine!  An email will be sent with more info as we get closer to the event date, January 23, 2024!

Let's Take a Look Inside the FREE Printed PDF!

I Want my FREE Printed Version!

If you can't stand it and have to have this in your hands, I don't blame you!!!!  I also love that you can take these pages out and frame them, create a super cool journal with them, and more!  So many opportunities come with this journal!  Our Exclusive Event is going to have time to organize our printed versions, together!  But not just that!  We will also have featured guest artists join us throughout the day with free demos, Q and A sessions, and more!



With the downloadable version, you will pay for the complete year of PDFs ahead of time, along with some other bonus pages.  You will have access to the entire eBook, digitally.  You can retrieve this version anywhere, at any time!  Going on a trip?  No worries!  As long as you have your laptop, tablet, or phone, you will have no problem accessing your eBook!  This is a great way for you to keep up with Let's Face It 2024, year round, no matter where you are, or what you are doing!

I do want you to keep in mind of a few things should you forego the printed version.  Students will have access to the beautiful, full-color images for each of the weekly lessons and you can print them out yourself.  However, we are offering a solution to print the entire year, for LESS THAN the cost to print it on your own.  Yes!  The price to print and ship is cheaper than you can print this on your own.  Also, think about using your own ink and paper.  The quality won't be as nice, and ink isn't cheap. 



Embark on a Year-Long Artistic Journey

Are you a budding artist with a passion for portraits but hesitant to take the plunge? Or perhaps you're a seasoned creator looking to breathe new life into your artwork? I have an exciting opportunity for you – a year-long class that promises to be a game-changer for artists of all levels!

I'm thrilled to introduce a unique learning experience that goes beyond the ordinary – a year-long exploration of portrait and figure artistry. This class is designed to cater to the needs of both beginners and seasoned artists, ensuring a customized learning journey for everyone.

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