Let’s Face It – 2017 – Julie Johnson

IMG_0466“Everybody has a story.”  I think that is why I love drawing and painting faces.  Capturing the emotion of the inner person.  A moment in time:  a smirk, a smile, a twinkle in the eye, the reaching of the hand.  Every face is beautiful!  Beautiful is everyone’s face!  



Art has always been a part of my life.  I went to art school and have a degree in Illustration but art was put on hold while I raised my family while being a pre-school teacher.

It wasn’t long before the urge to paint and draw became so strong I thought i would burst.  I learned how to pick up that pencil again no matter how scared I was!

Taking a full year off to study drawing I found my visual voice.  It is a joy to see what shows up on the paper and canvas daily.  Most often it is a face or form.

I love art that speaks to us and touches an emotion by capturing the people of our world.

I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado with my husband of 33 years.  We have three grown boys. One married, one out of grad school and one with one more year of college!  You can find me painting or drawing daily in my studio that overlooks America’s  mountain, Pike’s Peak.

Drawing the face is my earliest memory of doing art.  I would draw and doodle in class.  Then practicing drawing of my friends in college.  My mom gave me oil painting lessons in high school.  I can’t thank her enough today.  I love to paint. I enjoy acrylics and oil paints.  My paint brushes are seldom lonely.  They get a work out daily.

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