Let’s Face It – 2017 – Jennifer Bonneteau

FullSizeRender-12“I’m drawn to painting portraits because I feel very alive and connected to the people I paint during the process…it’s often a spiritual experience for me.”



I believe that we were all born creative and with a desire to connect with one another, and that art is a conduit for that connection. It’s been my honor to assist others along this courageous and exciting journey of self-discovery, healing, and connection through art as an artist and art teacher in Murrieta, California.

I began my love affair with painting in 2014 and was immediately drawn to painting faces. It’s funny because I was taking an intuitive painting course but I was constantly wanting to paint faces – which is something I’d never dreamed I’d desire to paint. I almost felt guilty for painting different faces over and over so I’d tell myself, “this time I’m NOT going to paint a face,” and BAM, I’d see an eye or a mouth or some kind of human feature staring back at me from the canvas…so,  I succumbed to the fact that am innately drawn to painting people; it excites me, makes me FEEL,and allows me share bits and pieces (and occasionally chunks 😉  of soul in ways that I could not do otherwise.  Needless to say, I do not feel guilty or apologize for painting people or faces anymore 🙂

In addition to teaching art, I’ve been fortunate to have experienced a variety of career opportunities in the past: teaching English in Japan, working as a flight attendant, being a personal trainer, and creating a guitar-pick jewelry business called “Chick Picks” for the past ten years with one of my best, bubbly friends …kinda crazy right!? All that said, I’ve found my greatest joy and fulfillment in creating and connecting with other people – people of all ages and abilities – through my art classes and workshops. I just love to connect, create and cultivate our inner artists TOGETHER…its such a blessing!  Thank you for your interest in my art and soul. xo  Jen

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