Let’s Face It – 2017 – Fran Schlosser


02939321-3cdd-4784-8b4c-2ab324670f49I have been given a “gift”, whether it stems from a hunger to learn, from a lot of practice, or maybe an ability to sense emotion, or if it is a talent that is inherent, I know not.  I am able to capture an “essence” of a person, their personality, their mood and create a remarkable likeness in a short period of time.  When I paint people, time becomes timeless, and I enjoy the process so very much.  That doesn’t mean I don’t have failures and I that I never get so frustrated that I want to cry and pitch my work in the trash, I do.  But I recognize that it is a sign of growth and I want to honour this gift I have, and I carry on.  Being asked to share what I know is a privilege that I am also grateful for, thank you Kara. “


Fran Schlosser, spent many of her formative art years in rural Saskatchewan.   U of S extension classes with Amira Wasfy, Iris Hauser and Clint Hunker developed the base of her art education in the early 2000’s. Eager to promote art within her own community, Fran was instrumental in founding the Perspective Art Group and hosting a decade long annual Art Gala, until moving from the community. Fran continues to enhance her skills with regular instruction from Doug Levitt, Michael Downs and Cameron Roberts. In January of 2016, she participated in a portrait workshop with Michelle Dunaway at the Scottsdale Artists School in Arizona, and attended a couple of Abstracting the Figure workshops with Seattle area artist, Liana Bennett.

With many group shows, a solo show, awards and gallery experiences in Saskatchewan over the years, Fran is ready to expand her horizons in her new community, focusing mainly on mastering portraiture and figure work painted in a traditional manner in oils, but is having fun experimenting with mixed media on the side.

Born and raised an Alberta girl, Fran is happy to be back in Alberta and calls Calgary her home now, where she lives with a wonderful man and Mo, a very wild kitten.

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