Let’s Face It – 2017 – Donna Munro

Donna Munro photo 2The face is so complex and such a difficult subject that I find the challenge exciting and rewarding. I enjoy creating all types of faces but I really love the thrill of capturing the true essence and likeness of my subjects. I have always been fascinated by eyes and the emotions they portray which makes them my favourite part of the face to draw and paint. I love to paint faces life sized or larger.”


Born and bred in New Zealand, I moved to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia 25 years ago. I am surrounded by inspiration from the beach to the bushland and country in this beautiful part of the world.

I’ve enjoyed art from a young age. As a child I spent many hours drawing, colouring, painting and crafting. As an adult I’ve indulged in many and varied creative pursuits. Almost 10 years ago I completed my first large canvas painting and I’ve been hooked ever since. I developed my skills by attending classes for 6 years with local award winning artist Victoria Fitzpatrick. Since then my skills have been furthered by completing a variety of other workshops and online courses.

My desire to experiment and try new things draws me to the excitement of mixed media and the exploration of different techniques and genres.

Until recent years my work has been mainly semi-abstract. Lately, however my passion for creating faces has become so strong that few of my current pieces are seen without one. I even find myself revisiting many of my earlier paintings and adding faces! It is exciting to see my paintings transformed and revitalised. I enjoy producing a variety of faces in different styles, however, more often than not I strive to produce realistic portraits.

Being blessed with a wonderful and happy life, my work often portrays this through the use of vibrant, bold colours.

In 2015 I entered my first art competition and was thrilled to be awarded first prize in one of the categories at the Sunshine Coast Show. In 2016 I achieved second place for my work.

It gives me great joy when my art resonates deeply with others or brings them warmth and happiness.

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