• Registration Open – Limited to 12
  • Instructor:  Kathy Lewis
  • Dates:  July 19-21
  • Materials:  Listed on registration page
  • Cost – $399

Would you like to learn how to make your very own bird sculptures out of paper clay?  Did you know that you can create sculptures out of clay without needing to fire them in a kiln?! It is true!!

Join Kathy Lewis in this two and a half day workshop where she will teach you how to create several different types of birds!  You will learn how to make a variety of bird legs and bird armatures.  You will leave this workshop with a very good understanding of how to make a variety of birds unique to your own style of art!

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Workshop Schedule:


Friday, Day 1:

  • 9:00 – 3:30 - Workshop  
    • We jump right in creating legs for a crow or raven. Before lunch we will complete at least one armature. After lunch we will apply clay to the armature and we hope to complete this phase of the bird so that it will have time to dry for day three of our workshop. We will begin our owl armature, time permitting.


  Saturday, Day 2:

  • 9:00 – 3:30 - Workshop
    • You will learn more than one way to create a face. We will have some fun with colorful modeling clay that does not dry out for practice. I will demo how to create a people face in case you ever want to make a bird with a different face at home (or this afternoon). We will complete the owl armature and perhaps have time to apply clay. We will take a look at how to create some adornments for birds such as spiked collars, little birdies, beanies and crowns. If our birds have dried enough we will sand them for painting on Day three (otherwise we sand next morning).


Sunday, Day 3:

  • 9:00 – 12:00 - Workshop
    • This day is devoted to painting our birds. I begin with a reminder demo and then you will work on your birdies until they are finished. I will then discuss how to fix breakages and make corrections, even after the bird has dried fully. Other than wire legs and the internal armature that is made of paper and sometimes foil, my birds are made completely out of air dry clay. You will learn that any bird can be made into a wonderful little creature that you will love! I plan to get all of us to the end of a creation (maybe two!) because it is the way you will learn NOT to ever give up on a clay creation too early. Some of my ugliest in the beginning have been my most beloved critters in the end. I can’t wait to tell you all about them!

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Registration is Open!  Limited to 12 Students!

July 19-21, 2019

Important Information:

  • Wooden Sculpting Tools (bring any if you have but I will supply you with this one: Kemper Modeling Tool JA4)
  • Jovi Air Dry Clay in White or Gray (not red!)
  • Tiny rubber stamps (stars, hearts, etc.) I have some to share
  • Paper towels and baby wipes
  • Wax Paper
  • Foil
  • 2 large size zip lock bags
  • Small fine mist sprayer for water
  • 16 gauge wire, Jack Richeson works great
  • Thinner craft wire in a color (can get at Michael’s)
  • 18 and 20 steel galvanized wire (very cheap, I wear rubber gloves with this)
  • Rubber gloves
  • Wire cutter (crafty type)
  • Needle nose pliers (small craft type)
  • Newspaper
  • Small piece of sand paper (330 grit)
  • Masking tape (lots)
  • Acrylic paint you like. I use golden in these colors:
    • Titanium White - heavy body or fluid
    • Titan Buff - heavy body or fluid
    • Red Oxide
    • Raw Umber
    • Payne’s Gray
    • Yellow Oxide
    • Iridescent Bronze
    • Black
    • Prussian Blue
  • Paint Brushes
  • Rolling pin or craft roller for clay
  • Note: Sometimes I like to use silicone face molds about 1 inch in size more or less but you don’t have to buy them. You can make a face easily without a mold. If you happen to own any bring them along. I will have plenty to share so do not have to buy.
  • An inexpensive potters wheel is very helpful but not necessary
  • If you want to paint your legs in future you can get this paint and primer:


Studio Information:


Studio Location:

Kara Bullock Art Studio
145 W. Main St. Suite 110
Tustin, CA 92780

*FREE PARKING - located at studio


Airport Information and Other Hotel Accommodations Nearby:


Workshop Policies: Due to limited class size, payment is non-refundable, but is transferable ONLY if the workshop sells out. If you purchase a workshop and are unable to attend, AND if there is a wait list for the course, we will offer your spot to a person on the wait list. If someone on the wait list is able to take your spot, we will reimburse you your tuition, minus a $75 admin fee for handling the replacement.  If you are unable to attend the workshop, and the workshop has not sold out with a wait list, we will not be able to refund your purchase.


Cancellations: If the event does not reach the minimum number of participants, workshop may be cancelled. In the very rare event of an emergency or unavoidable natural disaster or act of God, the class may be cancelled. If this is to happen, all purchased workshops will be reimbursed to students in full.  


Contact Questions?  Email us at karabullockart@gmail.com.  We will respond within 24 hours.