Help with Accessing Your New Accounts

Hello you wonderful, amazing people!!  I know how challenging this has been for us all!  I have created some helps for you all in creating your accounts, accessing your classes, etc.  Here are a few things to keep in mind over the next week or so:

  1.  I have to manually add everyone to Let’s Face It 2016, Let’s Face it 2017, Angels Among Us, Creatures Among Us, A Life Full of Color, I. Teach.Online and TAOS.  I am currently working on getting everyone into the courses that are currently live.  So hang tight!  I hope you will be in by Tuesday or so.  Some of you are already in so you can keep checking.


I have created documents to help with the most common problems.  Please click on the links for documents to help guide you through this process and thank you ever so much for all of your patience!  FYI:  not all individuals are getting an email to confirm.  You can try confirming by just trying to access your classes.

Need to register for an account –  CLICK HERE

How to Access My Courses?   – CLICK HERE

If you still need help with something please email me at