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We’re Back!!!  Last year we took you on an unforgettable journey of flight and letting go!  This year, we are going to dig deeper into the mysteries behind the creatures that live among us!

Yahoo!!! I am thrilled to let you know that we are back to share another amazing course with you all, full of new projects and fresh techniques!  I am joined again by Angela Kennedy, Brandi Dayton, Deanna Strachan Wilson, Muriel Stegers, and Stacha Conboy!  Together, we created 12 BRAND NEW projects, that you won’t want to miss out on!  We decided to come back together this year because the community of artists that came together in Angels Among Us was just so amazing and life-changing for us all, that we just HAD to do it again!

In everyday life, we are surrounded by beautiful creatures!  Some of these are real, while others only exist in our imagination.  Creatures Among Us will be bringing the real and imaginary together!  Some of our projects will include real creatures that exist in our world, while other projects will include creatures that can only be found in fairy tales and imaginary stories.  You can see that we have all artists in mind and believe that there is something for everyone in this course!  I think that you will really enjoy what we have in store for you!

Here are your awesome instructors for this course (click on their names to learn more)!!!

Kara Bullock
Brandi Dayton
Angela Kennedy
Stacha Conboy
Muriel Stegers
Deanna Strachan

This course is a self-study course that offers 12 unique lessons, 2 from each artist.  With each lesson you will receive full-length videos, to hold your hand throughout the entire process of creating that piece. You will not be left alone, but will have a guide throughout your entire lesson.  There is a Facebook group for you to participate in with other students, and the teachers also continue to visit the group on occasion.

This is what you will get:

  • 12 full length videos, from 6 awesome, mixed-media, art teachers, that walk you step-by-step through her creating processes.
  • Full supply list before the course begins
  • Downloadable content that you can keep, including the videos
  • A Facebook group dedicated just to those of you taking the course and your teachers
  • A classroom to call your own on my website
  • 12 unforgettable lessons

Sounds amazing, right!?!?!?


6 awesome teachers and 12 amazing lessons

Class Opens September 5th

Cost – $49

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Testimonials for Angels Among Us

Juliette Wells “The course was an amazingly fun & very educational one ! I couldn’t wait to log in each week to see what was in stall for us . I loved being part of the group everyone was so encouraging & responses were so prompt even though I live on the other side of the world . I will definitely register for another course when it comes up .”

Ann Clyde – “Kara Bullock’s ‘Angels Among Us’ course was a turning point in my development as an artist.  I loved the focus on angels as my mom had passed a year earlier, so I thought this would be the best course to allow me to explore my edge as an artist and to heal. I have to say that when I look at the work I completed,  I noticed a distinct shift in my growth lesson to lesson.  I was blown away by the amazing artists teaching, and my skill level and eye for detail improved tremendously through this course.  I am currently taking ‘Let’s Face It’ with Kara and once again, my skills have grown and the challenge of each lesson has helped me on the journey to find my own voice. I highly recommend any course that Kara creates…they are indeed foundational.”

Rita Hatcher – “I loved this class!! So many talented instructors, who taught wonderful technics and gave great feed back. I learned so much from these amazing artist’s. I would recommend this class to all. You won’t be disappointed! “

Brandi Dayton, WA “I have so enjoyed my working and personal relationship with Kara. Kara has been extremely organized and meticulous with every part of Angels among us. During the preparations before the workshop she has been a great facilitator, encouraging the friendships between us as teachers. Her warm and loving personality has really come through to create an environment for the students to share their work, as well as encourage one another. I am so happy to be a part of this workshop and feel changed because of it.”   

Jens Hudson, CA – “I have no training, was not an artist, majored in marketing and got my masters in an HR field. When called upon to make something creative I struggled to make my art work. In my architecture classes I worked hard to make my elevations look like others (pre cad days).  

In taking this class I learned a lot about trusting your emotion, that perfection should not be a goal. I learned many new techniques, layers and not to fear failure but to keep trying and ask for help.
I’m on to the next step, learning water color which looks amazing and has so many techniques and some that you can’t just paint over so my journey continues as I try to quiet my inner perfectionist.

This is a supportive group and a lot of collaborative fun, like they say you get out what you put into it so jump in and learn!

Ingeborg de Geoij, The Netherlands – “I love the e-course Angels Among Us, because it makes you try new techniques I wouldn’t normally use on my art. The videos are very helpfull and show you every step that leads to the finished project. And above all the encouragement from other participants and all the teachers makes it very safe to show your progress or your struggle. Come check it out!

Veronica Purdy – “This class has changed my life ! I have been painting away and am having a booth at at my church bazaar . People actually want to buy my paintings and I am sleeping better too I think I have found myself in painting and I am so blessed by each of you who have poured your hearts and personal testimonies into your teachings . Thank you instructors for your commitment and sharing yourselves with each of us and blessings ! And thank you participants who have poured out nothing but love and encouragement ! You are gems.

Veronica Hearn – “I would thoroughly recommend this wonderful course – I’ve loved every part of it. Thank you for giving me the guidance and encouragement to get to grips with my paints!! I’m so looking forward to Let’s Face It!

Gisele Cabral, Montreal Quebec – “I am almost finished all the classes. I loved learning from all talented artists! Each one sharing their passion with us, and making us think outside the box. It was worth every penny.”

FAQ & Other Information

Please read before purchasing:

Can I take this class if I am a beginner?

Absolutely! We are all in different places on our artistic journey. This class is for anyone that wants to learn and is well-suited for you whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced learner.

Do I need a special computer or program to take this course?

You will need to have a computer that is in good working shape and you will also need to have high speed Internet. Limited bandwidth and dial-up is not recommended for this course.

When will I have access my class?

Once you have purchased your workshop, you will receive a password via email within 24-48 hours.  This password will unlock the course for you!  Weekday response times will be closer to 24 hours, and weekends might be closer to 48 hours.  Once you receive your password, you will be able to access all course materials.  ***PayPal will also redirect you to this website once you pay.  If you click on that link it will take you directly to your password and you don’t have to wait for my email!!!

Where do I access my class?

To access your class, click on the course that you have purchased under “My Classroom” at the top of the page on

Can I download all videos and materials?

Yes!  All videos and PDFs are downloadable.

How long will I have access to the course and materials?

You will have unlimited access to the course and materials for as long as this website is up and running. If for some reason they are to be removed from my website, I will give you advanced notice.

Do you offer refunds?

No, refunds are not offered. Once you have purchased the course, it is yours.

What else?

  • If you have any problems, please email Kara at
  • Be kind to yourself and to others.
  • Have fun, make new friends, and enjoy the environment!
  • Move at the pace that fits best for you. Don’t worry if you get behind! I am always behind in my classes, and that is okay.
  • Respect the teachers. They have worked very hard to put their lessons together for you. Please, kind words only!
  • Our classrooms are for sharing our work. Do not spam, invite others to your group or class, and do not post any items for sale anywhere.


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6 awesome teachers, 12 amazing lessons, PLUS interviews

Registration for this course will end December 31, 2016 and will no longer be available for purchase.